Who doesn’t absolutely love a baby animal? They are so cute and cuddly, it’s hard to take a look at one, even on social media, and not end up with a big smile on your face.

That’s just one of the reasons, well OK maybe the main reason, why heading to the zoo can be so much fun. There are plenty of baby animals right there for picture taking. If you love to travel with your kids, or are just a big kid yourself, then you have to visit some of these great zoos known for their baby animals.

The Kansas City Zoo

The Kansas City Zoo located in Kansas City, Missouri, just welcomed a brand new baby animal at the end of May. The little Humbodlt Penguin is the first ever chick born to the zoo, which is very exciting. Be able to get an up close and personal view of him and his family at the Penguin Exhibit. Prices range from $9.50 to $12.50.

The Denver Zoo

A trio of baby wolf cubs were just born this spring at the Denver Zoo. The newcomers will give visitors a few glimpses here and there as they are with their mother in the Wolf Pack Woods exhibit. But, as the cubs get a bit older and more experienced this summer, you will be able see them out and about. Prices range from $10 to $15.

The Akron Zoo

Snow Leopard Cubs

Photo Via Akron Zoo

The Akron Zoo in Akron, Ohio just welcomed twins! The brand new additions to the zoo, a rare breed of snow leopard have been hiding away with their mom since their birth in April. But, as the summer approaches the cubs will be on display, a perfect time to watch them explore their new habitat. Prices range from $8 to $11.

The Dickerson Park Zoo

To see one of the tallest baby animals you might ever encounter, head to Springfield, Missouri and check out the Dickerson Park Zoo. There you will find their newest baby, a giraffe calf who just just born mid May. The baby calf was up and wandering around right after birth, and is a very cute addition to the zoo. Prices range from $7 to $10.

The Roger Williams Park Zoo

Located in Providence, Rhode Island the Roger Williams Park Zoo has celebrated a very special event, the birth of a very rare and endangered animal, the Matschie’s Tree Kangaroo. Because this little joey is so special the zoo has started to build a brand new exhibit for the Kangaroo family this summer. Prices range from $9.95 to $14.95.

Which baby zoo animals are your favorite to visit? Tell us below!