Zoos are one of those places where everyone in the family can have fun. Not only is seeing rare and exotic animals cool, but it’s an educational experience. No wonder they are commonly on the ‘must see’ list for anyone visiting a city with a great zoo. 

Paso Robles, California has an interesting approach to zoos that you might find interesting. Not only does the city have its zoo it also works on bringing the zoo to you! 

Run through its Conservation Ambassadors, the Zoo to You program lets kids of all ages (come on, you know you’re included in that) enjoy everything the zoo has to offer. From seeing cool animals up close and personal to learn about the habitats and conservation efforts, you get to see it all. 

In this post, we’re going to cover a bit about both about Conservation Ambassadors and the You to Zoo program out of Paso Robles. 

Conservation Ambassadors (Zoo to You)

Did you know over one million school children from all over California have participated in the Zoo to You program? Cool, right? 

The Zoo to You events brings real live animals out of the zoo and into the classroom. Students get to see exotic creatures up close and learn all about them too. So many animals have fascinating histories that the students love to learn. 

What’s great about the Zoo to You program is it’s not just limited to school kids. These ‘animal ambassadors’ can be brought all sorts of events. Anything from weddings (yes weddings!) to corporate events and birthday parties. 

Talk about a way to liven up the party!

You to Zoo

Now, just because Conservation Ambassadors can bring the Zoo to You, don’t forget about bringing you (and your family) to the zoo. With the You to Zoo program, you can experience animals in a way that you never have before.  

One of the beautiful things about Paso Robles is that it’s tucked into California’s incredible wine country. That means when you visit the zoo, you’ll get to see and experience all sorts of creatures in a more wild and open setting. 

The zoo has bald eagles, mountain lions, American alligators, red kangaroos, spider monkeys, river otters, bush babies, macaws, and lemurs (just to name a few!). These animals aren’t just local to California; they come from all over the world.

What’s more, the animal ambassadors at the zoo are a fantastic feature too. These experts are specialists in their field, so you can learn way more about the animals by having a quick five-minute chat than anything you might read online!

Getting There

Paso Robles, California is almost exactly between San Francisco and Los Angles. From LA, go north on Route 5 to Route 46 in Lost Hills. And from San Francisco, take Route 101 south towards San Louis Obisbo. For those who have plenty of time and would like to take a scenic road trip from LA, take Route 101 north right along the Pacific Ocean. 

If you’re ready for some family fun and love wildlife then mark your calendar and start planning your trip to Paso Robles!

Zoo to You, Paso Robles, CA