Barbecue and Baseball for the World Series

Kansas City is probably best known for it’s world class barbecue and not quite so well known for it’s baseball. The hometown team, the Kansas City Royals, have spent much of the last three decades near the bottom of the standings at the end of each season.

But, not anymore! This year, the Kansas City Royals have become the Cinderella story of sports, sweeping all of their opponents in a mad push to get into their first World Series in 29 years!

Needless to say, Kansas City is pretty excited this October. But, even if you aren’t a baseball fan, there are plenty of reasons to make a road trip to this special little Midwestern city.


Kansas City is known around the world for it’s delicious barbecue. So, why not really experience the soul of the city and head to the heart of it all, Arthur Bryants, with spots all over the city it’s hard to miss.

Other great spots for a bite include, the food truck Pigwich behind The Local Pig butcher shop. Or, for a sit down experience, check out The Farmhouse for the very best in farm to table food in Kansas City.


Once you’ve had your fill of food, if that’s possible, get out and explore the city. One thing you might not know about KC is it’s a great hub for jazz. If you love getting your groove on, head to The Majestic, featuring live music seven nights a week.

With over 33,000 works of art and free general admission, the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, is a wonderful spot to explore. Don’t miss out on the sculpture garden!


Kansas City is a great town to visit for true sports fans out there. While most people might bleed Royals blue, the Kansas City Chiefs professional NFL football team, Sporting KC professional MLS soccer team, and Kansas City Blues Rugby team are all available for new fans.

Another fun and unique thing to do in KC is head to the Steamboat Arabia Museum. In the mid 1800s a steamer sank off the shore of Kansas City and was just recently re-discovered, full of it’s buried treasure. A trip there makes for a fun afternoon.

So, while the World Series might be what brings your attention to Kansas City this fall, be sure to make the time to take a visit the rest of the year. You won’t be disappointed!

Have you been to Kansas City? Let us know some of your favorite spots!