July 10-13

About the Festival

If you want to really experience the Appalachian heritage of Kentucky in a family-friendly environment, the Whippoorwill Festival will allow you to learn hands-on about nature, sustainability, and health. During the festival, you will be tent camping at night and enjoying nature during the day, including 75 workshops by local experts on the pre-industrial lifestyle including survival techniques and ways to live off the land, how to make your home more sustainable, as well as workshops to encourage a more harmonious future including talks on privilege, consent, and environmental activism.

The camp is near the I-75, making it an easy stop on road trips, as it’s just two hours from Cincinnati, Lexington, Louisville, and Knoxville. If you’re like us, after 3 days in tents you’ll want to visit a hotel in the city!

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Berea, KY

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