Most rental car agencies offer a pretty similar vehicle selection across the board, although the options have increased over the years. It’s sifting through these options that can be the hard part. Depending on how long you have to be in the car, the number of people and the amount of luggage, the perfect car may not necessarily be that stylish convertible or an economic compact.

What should I look for if I’m traveling with my family?

Ask the companies you’re considering renting from if they charge extra fees for an additional driver and if your spouse will be allowed to drive. Many companies offer car seats which is especially useful if you’re flying into an airport before picking up your car. Ask how much extra the car seats are going to cost though. They’re often included with a rate per day charge.

What if I’m only traveling with one other person or by myself?

Compact or economy car rentals can be a great way to cut down on transportation costs for your trip and save a little more money for more fun activities.

If you’re going to be traveling in the summer or somewhere hot like Miami ask if your car will be equipped with air conditioner, it doesn’t come standard in some economy models and can result in a miserable car ride.

What if I’m traveling with a pet?

Make sure there’s plenty of room for them too. An estimated 100,000 dogs die every year from falling from trucks every year. Seriously consider putting your dog in an appropriately sized crate free of leashes or collars which could accidentally strangle your pet.

In some states you can actually be ticketed for allowing your dog in your lap. Not only can your pet be injured if you have to stop short, but your pet can be the cause of an accident as well.

Traveling with cats is a bit different. You will want to keep them crated as well, but take extra precautions. Some cats travel well, but the majority struggle with car trips and are more prone to accidents. Cat urine can not only stain the upholstery, but also leave a lingering odor which could result in additional charges from your car rental company.

Author Bio: Derek Holaday is a travel and transportation writer based in Miami. Derek works with Miles Car Rental to pad his travel budget and provides him with a cost effective way to travel when he isn’t able to leave his pets at home.