One of the greatest things about traveling along the east coast is the opportunity to stop at a Wawa. Let’s be real though; now that they’re in Orlando, I don’t need to use traveling as an excuse to indulge in a visit to the best gas station on the planet.

5 Reasons Why Wawa is the Ultimate Travel Companion

1. Reasonable Gas Prices
Even living near Orlando International Airport, I always know I can trust Wawa to have fair gas prices that are almost always lower than the surrounding gas stations. Plus, on the back of your gas receipt you’ll find coupons for Wawa’s fresh food or convenience items.

2. Delicious Noms
The first food-related reason to fall in love with Wawa is the hoagies. With three sizes (classic, shorti and junior) of fresh baked bread, hot and cold options, generous toppings and fast service, there’s nothing like a Wawa hoagie. And did I mention you get to order it on a touch screen? I’m not sure how most fast-service restaurants haven’t adopted the genius technology Wawa uses for food ordering. In addition, you can select from made-to-order meals (salads, sides, soups, quesadillas), the most mouthwatering doughnuts I’ve ever had, great coffee, plus grab-n-go food by the register (including breakfast sandwiches, hot pretzels, jalapeno poppers and more).

Every item I’ve had at Wawa has been completely delicious. Even the typical gas station items are better than usual, offering more variety than competitors.

3. Exceptional Staff
I’ve never spoken to a Wawa employee that wasn’t friendly and courteous (and I frequent multiple Wawa locations). It’s clear that Wawa is a great company that keeps their employees happy, because the Wawa staff always provides great service with a smile.

4. Extremely Clean
There’s nothing worse than being on a road trip and having to use a gross public bathroom. If you stop at Wawa, you won’t have to worry at all. The entire store is squeaky clean, including the bathrooms. Find a Wawa near you.

5. No Surcharge ATMs
One of the greatest things about Wawa is that they offer ATMs with no fees! Back in 2010, Wawa celebrated a history of more than one billion free withdrawals from Wawa ATMS. Plus, Wawa ATMs let you withdraw small bills, including five- and 10-dollar bills.