It’s no secret that Michigan is a cold state with several months out of the year that requires its resident and visitors to stay warm and indoors. However, what many people don’t realize is that Michigan is also absolutely stunning the rest of the year. So beautiful, in fact, that there are state parks that many visitors travel to each year to just to explore the outdoors. The Warren Dunes State Park is one of the most famous for those who call Michigan home and those that are just visiting.

Warren Dunes State Park consists of three miles of shoreline and six miles of hiking trails. It is also home to a dune formation that rises 260 feet above the lake with extraordinary views and 1,952 acres of recreational opportunity. One of the best things about this state park is the many modern and rustic campsites and three modern mini cabins.

Warren Dunes State Park also includes 1,952 acres of recreational areas along the beautiful shore of Lake Michigan. The rugged dune formation rises 260 feet above the lake and offers spectacular views and is excellent for hang gliding.

Check out all of the fun activities and features that you can find at the Warren Dunes State Park.

Metal Detecting

Metal detecting is not just something you see people doing on the beach. It’s also a very popular activity here at Warren Dunes State Park, and you may be very lucky if you hit just the right spot. Go for a walk though the trails as you actively search for hidden treasures on the premises.

metal detector on beach

Cross Country Skiing

The cross-country ski trail is six miles round trip and isn’t something you can get bored of traveling! You’ll love every minute of zipping through the trail and will want to keep doing it over and over again.


There are about six miles of winding hiking trails that make for a great day outdoors. Grab your hiking shoes and a backpack with water and snacks and hit the trail! You won’t regret it!

Warren Dunes State Park Lake Michigan


In the warmer months, there are plenty of opportunities to go swimming. Throw on your swim suit and go for a dip in the water!

Are you planning a trip to Warren Dunes State Park? Have you been before? We’d love to hear about it – tell us about your experience in the comments below!

Walking Your Dog

Pets are allowed north of the northernmost swim buoy at the beach, providing 2.5 miles of Lake Michigan shoreline. Pets must be on a six-foot leash and under an owner’s immediate control at all times. All pet waste must be properly disposed of in trash receptacles.

dog on beach