Lake Tahoe, one of the most-loved lakes in the country, can be found where bustling California meets Nevada in the Sierra Nevada region. Halfway between Sacramento, California, and the world’s biggest little city, Reno, Nevada, can be found one of the most popular outdoor destinations.

Emerald Bay at Lake Tahoe

Outdoor Recreation Destination

Lake Tahoe is perhaps the best way to escape the glitz and glam of shopping and casino lights. As one of the largest lakes in the country, it is almost as large as the Great Lakes.

This breathtaking outdoor area is enjoyable almost all year. Sure, the winters get cold, but the rolling hills and mountains provide challenging skiing. There are numerous ski resorts in the area where guests can participate in winter sports.

Snowy winter in Lake Tahoe

In the hotter seasons, the lake comes alive with visitors from all over the world. The beach offers everything people expect from visiting the ocean but at a beautiful lake. 

As summer rolls in, guests will head out into the water for sailing, skiing, tubing, and even SCUBA diving. Lake diving may sound odd at first, but Lake Tahoe’s deepest point is 1,645 feet deep. For comparison, the Empire State Building is 1,454 feet tall, including its antenna.  

Entertainment Events

If just taking in what nature has to offer isn’t quite exciting enough, don’t worry. Lake Tahoe has grown to become a hub for local arts and entertainment. Visit during a special event or catch a unique educational opportunity.

Live music presented around the lake isn’t limited to summer beach music, either. The final weekend of the year fights off the winter blues with the annual SnowGlobe Music Festival. Taking place in California’s South Tahoe region, this annual festival combines many different acts, genres, and styles for a unique outdoor concert series.

Lake Tahoe at Night

If that sounds a little too chilly for your tastes, you can always check out the summer concert series at Kings Beach State Recreation Area. Music on the Beach’s Free Concert Fridays brings together exciting local acts for free evening concerts from late June to early September.

The Nevada side of the lake also hosts live events as well. Celebrate Mother’s Day Weekend at the lake’s outflow river, Truckee River, as a city-wide white-water competition. This annual event is called the Reno River Festival, and it should be on your list if you’re in town.

The Bard Comes to Tahoe            

If you’re looking for live entertainment that’s a little heavier on the classics, you’ll want to attend the Shakespeare on the Lake Festival. This annual event combines the best live stage actors in the area with food, fun, and stunning surrounding scenery.

Each year the lake comes alive with family-friendly entertainment. If you arrive early, you can enjoy some great food and wine sold at Shakespeare’s Kitchen & Bar.

Boats through the trees at Lake Tahoe

Usually, the festival offers two different shows to catch, each one requiring separate tickets, or the Two-Show Subscription Package. The performance area is outdoor, meaning that it is susceptible to weather closures.

If you or anyone else in your family has shown an interest in the arts, the program does offer an all-ages educational program. Dubbed Young Shakespeare, this program not only entertains but also educates. Young Shakespear is a free event during the festivities, although donations are suggested.

Award-Winning Park

If stunning scenery, live entertainment, and year-round recreation aren’t enough to convince you, Lake Tahoe is an award-winning park. In 2012, USA TODAY named Lake Tahoe “America’s Best Lake.” The 2010-2011 season was regarded as the best winter skiing by Rand McNally, while travel site Orbitz gave it a top spot for three consecutive years in the same category. Other praises come from TripAdvisor, naming it a #1 destination, as well as publications like SKI Magazine, Transworld Snowboarding, and other local and international travel groups.

If nothing else, visitors should come for the kitschy tourist stuff and stay for the lake. It’s well within the limits of multiple cities, yet peaceful enough to feel like you’re an entire world away.

Lake Tahoe lake and mountains

Lake Tahoe is a year-round favorite, with fun in the summer sun to some of the country's best skiing in the winter.