The Ultimate Concert Venue

One of the most amazing outdoor concert venues anywhere is Red Rocks Amphitheater, located just outside of Denver, Colorado. Concerts have been played at this breathtaking venue since the early 1900s in the natural red rock setting with a temporary stage.

Red Rocks Before 1936

John Florea / Time Life Pictures / Getty Images

Construction of the amphitheater stage and stadium seating nestled between the unique rock formations began in 1936, and produced the epic concert venue you can visit today.

Throughout history, notable artists of almost every genre have graced the stage, and many cite it as one of their favorite venues to play. From The Beatles and U2 to The Carpenters and Dave Matthews Band, from Kenny Chesney and Stevie Nicks to artists like Deadmau5 at the annual Global Dance Festival, there’s nothing like hearing a concert at The Red Rocks.

Red Rocks at Night

Sascha Brück, Wikimedia Commons

The lead vocalist of Rush, Geddy Lee called it “one of the most beautiful [venues] anywhere.” And many artists agree, also remarking on the amazing sound quality created by the natural amphitheater.

The towering Red Rocks on either side of the amphitheater, Creation Rock and Ship Rock are each taller than Niagara Falls! With these unreal natural “walls” crowds can enjoy acoustics that are difficult to find anywhere else.

Red Rocks Amphitheater Before a Concert

Jesse Goodier, Wikimedia Commons

Perhaps one of the best recordings to evoke the true experience of attending a concert at The Red Rocks, Mumford & Sons I Will Wait video shows just how amazing it is.

We recommend adding a show at The Red Rocks to your next Colorado Itinerary! Why not attend the Jeep Summer Concert Series or check to see when your favorite artist might be performing?