This time of year marks the start of the Maple Syrup season throughout most of the Northern United States. What’s cool about this time of year is that you can make sugaring an event.

All throughout New England and places like Michigan, Wisconsin and Upstate New York the start of spring is marked by sugaring season. This means it is the time of year when maple trees get tapped and that sweet nectar starts making its way towards being delicious maple syrup.

The really cool part of making maple syrup is that it can be really interactive. Maple syrup is really made in places called sugar shacks using a process that has been used for a hundred years. In the spring, many sugar shacks open up to visitors. That means you can sample the sugar, learn about the process, and if you’re lucky, taste some delicious maple flavored food!

If you want to check out some of the best sugar shacks across the country, head to some of these spots.

New England

Branon’s West View Maples
A true Vermont tradition, this family owned and run operation has been around for generations. You can check out their operations, or for a more delicious sampling, swing by on Sunday mornings during sugaring season for their famous maple breakfasts.

The Red Bucket Sugar Shack
Nestled in the rolling hills of the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts, you’ll find the red roofed Red Bucket Sugar Shack. Here you can not only taste some great New England maple infused breakfast fare, but also get an in-depth look of the sugaring process in its entirety.

New York

The Maple Tree Inn
With sugaring in the family since the mid 1800’s the owners of the Maple Tree Inn know pretty much everything about maple syrup. At their spot in Upstate New York, they have a restaurant during sugaring season, and a store where you can buy tons of locally home made products.

Moore’s Maple
Located in Freedom, New York, Moore’s is now smack in the middle of it’s prime time maple sugaring season. Visitors can spend a full day touring everything on site from learning in the Maple Shack to enjoying all you can eat pancakes at the Pancake House.


Glenna Farms
Glenna Farms is another family owned operation located in Wisconsin. One of the highlights the family offers during the sugaring season is a Maple Fest event, bringing in people from all over. The farm also has an incredible country style store that showcases a ton of local maple flavored products.

These are just a sampling of some of the best sugar shacks out there. If you live in one of the northern states across New England the Midwest this weekend or next, take a day trip out to your local sugar shacks!

Image via Branon’s West View Maples.