Economy…Full-size…Luxury…if these words make you think “rental car” then you are in the right place! Most of us have rented a vehicle at some point in our lives. If not, chances are high that you might have to at some point in the future.  If you are one who has rented a car, you’ve probably run in to the dilemma of what size you need or just focused on the price to determine what you will get. A vehicle is a vehicle, right? Not when it comes to renting a car. There’s a lot to take into consideration when deciding what car you will need. Do you have a family with a lot of luggage? Are you single with just a carry-on? Will you be driving clients around or going to an upscale event? There is a vehicle for everything. Read on to learn just what all those rental car terms mean…


2011 Toyota Sienna XLE -- 05-18-2011
Trust us when we say – the bigger, the better. If you’re driving a long distance with a family or multiple people, always choose size over price. The extra space will be needed and you’ll feel so much more comfortable when you have it.


nissan maxima
Premium vehicles aren’t as big as minivans (obviously), but still offers enough leg and trunk space to fit a family of four for a long car ride. It would be the next size down from the minivan.


2013 Ford Fusion Titanium -- 2012 NYIAS
Full-size isn’t necessarily the best choice for a long distance road trip, but a good size for driving around town once you’ve flown in and just need a car to get around. There’s also plenty of stability control to keep you feeling safe on the road.


Cadillac ATS 2.0 Turbo AWD Premium – Frontansicht, 16. Oktober 2015, Düsseldorf
You’ve got style and space with a luxury vehicle. If you’re attending an upscale party or event and looking to arrive in style, renting a luxury vehicle is the way to go. Enjoy an impeccable drive along with the stunning looks.


20140326 Santafe DM Front side
Going mountain biking? Driving up a mountain? Kayaking? Camping? This is the vehicle you want to rent for outdoor adventures. Pack up all your gear in an SUV and hit the road. You can also use an SUV for off-roading adventures as well.


Chevrolet Spark LS+ 1.2 – Frontansicht, 26. Juni 2011, Mettmann
Tiny, excellent on gas mileage, perfect for a single person or a couple taking a road trip, or just driving around town. If you’re traveling light with one to two people, this is the car you want to be in. You’ll go far in an economy car and have fun while doing it!

Sports car driving on the highway