We all have things in our past. Those things shouldn’t necessarily define who we are – or where we go – in the future. That is why so many Canadians rely on a U.S. Waiver. This document allows Canadian citizens who have been considered ineligible to cross the United States-Canadian border, to do so legally. It provides both freedom and a second chance to those who need it.US Waiver

So, what exactly does a U.S. Waiver do and how long does it last? A U.S. Waiver is a government-approved document that is required for ineligible citizens to cross the border into the United States. A valid U.S. Waiver allows you to cross the border free from the stress and worry of being turned away. Once granted, it overrules reasons for ineligibility – at least temporarily. It can last anywhere from six months to five years before it needs to be renewed. It all depends on the individual circumstances.

Now that you know what a U.S. Waiver does, it’s important to understand whether or not you actually need one. There are a number of reasons why you may not be eligible to cross the United States-Canadian border. The most common reason is having a criminal record in either Canada or the United States. If you have a record, U.S. Immigration has every right to deny you entry. While not all offenses are technically reasons for ineligibility, a border patrol officer may still be able to turn you away if you have a criminal record. Other reasons for ineligibility are a history of deportation, overstaying a work or travel visa, trafficking controlled substances, or any connections to national security threats. If any of these apply to your past, chances are, you will need a U.S. Waiver in order to travel to the United States legally.

In order to cross the United States-Canadian border, you will need to start the waiver application process. The application will need to be filled out and filed correctly, along with any supporting documents that may help strengthen your case. Since the application process can be rather complicated, it is a good idea to reach out to a company that specializes in U.S. Waivers. They have years of experience and understand how to make your application is as compelling as possible. This increases the likelihood of having your application approved the first time.

You may be wondering: how does a U.S. Waiver give you a second chance? It allows you to cross the border into the United States. That means that you can travel, see the sights, visit family, and do whatever you need to! A waiver gives you your freedom back. This freedom ensures that your past stays in the past, rather than continue to define or limit your life now. If you don’t have a valid U.S. Waiver but think that you need one – take action. It is time to make a change and gain back the freedom that you have lost. Don’t let your past control your future…apply for a U.S. Waiver.

Everyone deserves a second chance. Get your second chance by applying for a U.S. Waiver. Not only will it let you cross the border stress free, but it will also give you a fresh start. What could be better than that?

Julie Cammisa understands how a US Waiver can give you a second chance. As the owner of US Waiver Pardon Canada, she has helped clients with her professional experience and extensive knowledge of US Waivers and Canadian Pardons.