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Picture it: you’ve just planned your 4th business trip this month. You are stressed and frazzled. And not because you’ve got to present to all of these different clients. But because you have to somehow get yourself organized enough to make sure that you are exactly where you need to be without fail. Showing up late at meetings and conferences isn’t an option and since you don’t have an assistant, this is something that you have to do all on your own.

Or do you? Nope, you don’t! TripIt is hands down one of the best travel apps out there. It’s perfect for those planning 1 big trip a year as well as for those planning several trips a month. TripIt takes all of your confirmation emails (flights, hotels, rental cars, etc) and organizes them beautifully in one app.  Itineraries are instantly created around your individual trips with ease. TripIt is the kind of app that you wonder how you lived without for so long. It’s easy to use and keeps you updated with every bit of your travel plans. TripIt puts everything in one place so that you don’t have to worry about fumbling in your email to find travel information.

TripIt is a free app that is available both in the Apple iTunes store and on Google Play as well.