Even when you can’t travel far and wide, you can still start planning for your next trip—and prepare to document every exciting experience—with a travel journal. They’re a small but powerful way to keep your spirits up and wanderlust alive as you daydream about your journeys ahead. Here are some great options.

Travel Listography: Exploring the World in Lists

If you’re a list-maker, you’ll love this one. Filled with 70 list prompts that span topics including foods you want to try and people you’ve met during your journeys, it’s the perfect way to record your past vacations and anticipate future ones.

Cracked Designs Journey Journal

Complete with a back pocket for itineraries and ticket stubs, this unique handmade journal has a super-cool map on the front cover that you can customize for your own past (and future) trips with string and fasteners.

Moleskin City Notebook

With editions for specific metros like New York, Hong Kong, London, and Paris, these sleek journals are ideal for those on the go. Not only are there pages to jot down your impressions and memories, but there are also city-specific maps and stickers and adhesive overlays to help you mark your favorite places.

You Are Here: A Mindful Travel Journal

Live more in the moment with this zen journal. It’s full of exercises that are designed to find inner peace and shift your perspective, whether you’re on the road or just planning your next getaway and want to make the most of it.

50 States Traveled Journal

Keep tabs on every U.S. state you’ve visited with a notebook that dedicates two pages to each one and includes places to fill in fun memories like your favorite meals, cities, and more.  

Scratch Travel Journal 

This one’s designed to track one particular trip through a combination of a planner, checklist, and journal. Plus, there’s a fun scratch-off world map as well.