You seldom hear a child say, “When I grow up I want to be a truck driver,” but in such a poor job market, pulling a long haul can provide not only a steady wage but also inevitable stories from the road. The only thing standing between you and $40k a year as a truck driver is a passing grade on a CDL test and a willingness to live most of your life without a home.

Decent Wage: Truck drivers can make anywhere from $40k to $200k a year depending on their licensing, experience and job title.
Move About the Country: The chance to see the entirety of the United States firsthand is an opportunity that not many people will ever have working a 9 to 5.
Life on the Open Road: On the road you’re responsible for the skin on your back and the load you’re pulling, the rest is up to you. There is considerable downtime on the road, make use of it and explore when and wherever you can.

Mike Curts is a trucking driving savant and writer for eGears, an online authority that specializes in CDL practice tests and study guides.