Packing (+TO DO!)

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Our favorite kinds of travel apps are practical ones. I mean, let’s face it…there are hundreds of thousands of apps in the app world but very few are the kind that you’d find yourself actually using regularly. That’s why we are head over heels in love with this Packing app. Most of the apps that we’ve featured are only available for smartphones but a reader recently suggested that we should begin featuring apps that are available for tablets as well. It makes sense! After all, many of us use our tablets just as much if not more than we use our smartphones.

If you find yourself to be in a constant packing frenzy when it comes to getting ready for a trip, this Packing app can help. It not only gives you pre-made lists (beyond helpful!) but it allows you to categorize trips, essentials and most commonly used items when packing. The app neatly stores your previous lists and it makes planning and packing the next trip even easier. In fact, we’re not quite sure how we survived so long without this app. It is a definite must have for travelers who don’t have much time but know that they need SOMETHING in that suitcase of theirs.

This app is available in the Apple iTunes store for $0.99.