FlightTrack Pro

Image Source: https://itunes.apple.com

Brace yourself for this one, guys. This app is a bit on the pricey side but we wouldn’t recommend it if we didn’t think it was THAT awesome. If you find yourself at an airport a few times a month, you will definitely want to invest in this useful app. There is absolutely no way to avoid delayed flights and instead of waiting at the last minute to discover your connecting flight is running late, this app allows you to find out sooner. You can actually view flights in real time!

If you are a user of TripIt, this app syncs beautifully with it. I’ve been known to check this app before picking friends and family members up at the airport. They aren’t able to text or email me that they’re running late, but once I get their flight information I can track their flights.

Available in the Apple Store and on Google Play, this app goes for $9.99 so yes, the price is a bit steep but it’s a definite must have for avid airplane travelers.