Technology is making life easier each day. The automotive industry is no exception. Vehicles are more comfortable, safer and easier to operate. A reliable car video recorder app is an essential app for any serious road tripper.

These applications are used to record movement of the car. They can be used for insurance claims in case of an accident and to show the condition of the vehicle after an accident. They can also be used as defense against moving violation and by police to aid in investigations after accident. In addition, they can be connected to external screen to help in tracking of the vehicle if it is stolen.

There are a number of car recorders out there, but our favorite are VideoRoad for Android devices and iSymDVR for iPhones, iPads and iPods. These apps are both free and easy to use.

This automotive app helps drivers and was provided by the UK Driver’s License Guide. Call one of their dvla numbers to learn about acquiring a license in the United Kingdom.