One of the best parts about going on vacation is getting to enjoy the wonderful local cuisine – or at least just to give yourself permission to indulge in your favorite foods since you are on a break and aren’t cooking for yourself. Why not make the most of it and make the food the point of your vacation? There are plenty of great culinary getaways across the U.S. in which you can learn how to make gourmet meals or you can experience an epicurean tour of tastes.

Here are a few culinary getaways across the U.S. you might want to consider for your next vacation:

Chef Joe Randall’s Cooking School

Joe Randall specializes in both traditional and contemporary Southern cuisine, and he offers a variety of classes in Savannah, Georgia, that help others learn how to master this delicious dishes. You can learn how to cook everything from traditional Creole dishes to duck to Southern desserts. If you want to get more than what a class at a time can offer you, there is a weekend, three-day workshop available, as well.

Cedar Gables Inn
Learn from some top-notch chefs in the Napa Valley while also enjoying a glass (or several) of some of the region’s finest wines. You can enjoy private dining on the meals that you just learned to prepare in a rustic, English-style kitchen in this bed and breakfast. Enjoy a relaxing vacation in the beautiful region, and learn how to make delicious meals that you can make when you get home, as well.

The Conscious Gourmet
Good food doesn’t just taste good — it also helps you to improve your physical, mental and emotional welfare. That’s the philosophy behind the Conscious Gourmet cooking school, which focuses on food education, as well as teaching cooking techniques. There are four- to six-day retreats that include cooking classes, lectures, meals, and yoga classes.

Culinary getaways are a great way to relax, see new parts of the country and learn how to make amazing, delicious food that you will be able to enjoy at home for years to come. Consider one of these great culinary getaways for your next vacation.

Have you taken a culinary getaway? Share your top recommendations in the comments!

About the Author:
Bridget Sandorford is a freelance food and culinary writer, where recently she’s been researching the best culinary schools in America. In her spare time, she enjoys biking, painting and working on her first cookbook.