Let’s face it…when it comes to snacks, a huge chunk of us don’t always make the best selections. We say things like, “Ohhhh, I didn’t have time to cook.” Or “I’m just far too busy to make a menu and grocery list.” I know because I make these same statements from time to time. It’s even more challenging to eat healthier when traveling. But worry not. In this post, we’re giving you a list of our top 5 favorite travel snacks.

1. Almonds

Not only do they keep the hunger pangs at bay but almonds are aroma-free and easy to tote from plane to train to bus and car. If your stomach is a growling and that delayed flight has yet to arrive, a handful of almonds are a reasonable and affordable snack that are perfect to keep in your briefcase or purse. We’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that almonds can be a tad bit fatty. While they are chock full of healthy fats, try not to overdo it on the almond snacking.

Top 5 Travel Snacks2. Granola bars

We dare you to find a classroom of 3rd graders that didn’t grow up on these delicious snacks. While we can’t pick a favorite brand (come on…there are so many good ones), we know one thing; a box of granola bars don’t last long in these offices. Because granola bars have so many different flavors and textures, you shouldn’t have a tough time finding a favorite. Throw these in your “food bag” the next time you and the family are on a road trip. Granola bars are perfect for tossing to your four, 10 or 18 years old the next time they complain about being hungry, even though they ate an hour ago.

Top 5 Travel Snacks3. Apples

Who doesn’t love an apple? With so many different kinds of apples, it’s hard to find one that doesn’t fit your fancy. A Granny Smith or Gala apple can be thrown in your carry-on, and even if it gets bumped and bruised while going through airport security, it will still manage to be a delicious treat. For a little extra protein, bring along a little container of peanut or almond butter for dipping.

Top 5 Travel Snacks4. Dark chocolate

Your eyes are not deceiving you. We are recommending candy as a snack. And why not? Not only is dark chocolate full of natural antioxidants but it has a has a low glycemic index. This means that your blood sugar won’t go through the roof. As far as sweet treats go, dark chocolate is one of the healthiest. Do keep in mind that consumption of all foods must be in moderation. No downing six bars at one time.

Top 5 Travel Snacks

5. Trail mix

The good news about trail mix is that it is sold in most of the convenience stores in airports. There are several different brands that vary in ingredients. Whether you love peanuts, walnuts, pretzels, cereal or chocolate pieces, we guarantee that you’ll find a mix that suits your taste buds. We also love that trail mix can be enjoyed by travelers of all ages. To customize your trail mix, you can make your own at home and put it in plastic travel containers.

Top 5 Travel Snacks

Honorable mentions: Yogurt, popcorn, pretzels, oranges, and cereal.

For more information on how to travel through airports with snacks from home, please visit the TSA website. Did we miss anything? What are some of your favorite travel snacks?