Los Angeles is known for having an amazing food scene. And what might surprise you most about their thriving foodie community is that some of the very best places to eat in LA are the food trucks.

Although food trucks are a big trend growing across the US, there are a few cities that are really getting it done, and LA has to be the granddaddy of them all.

There are a number of world class chefs who run their own food trucks have really helped to bring the level of food trucks to a new all time high in Los Angeles.

The next time you are in LA, be sure to swing by some of these famous food trucks and have an amazing (and inexpensive) meal.

Urban Oven has to be at the top of any list. This place serves pizza from the food truck, not just any pizza though, it serves made to order wood fired pizza. It’s pretty amazing to try the smoky, crispy crust and good cheese from a truck.

Another must try food when heading to LA is Korean BBQ, and there is a proliferation of incredible food trucks serving it in the area. But, one of the best has to be Kogi BBQ. Some menu favorites include bulgogi and kimchi rice.

LudoTruck is the brainchild of former Top Chef Masters cheftestant, classically trained chef and television personality Ludo Lefebvre. By far and away the most popular meal here is the buttermilk fried chicken, it has been featured as some of the best in the country.

Along with Korean, LA is certainly known for it’s outstanding Mexican food. So no LA based food truck list is complete without adding a taco truck to it. In this case, we have El Chato Taco Truck that serves affordable (and delicious) tacos and burritos.

For dessert, you absolutely cannot miss Coolhaus is where it’s at. They serve incredibly delicious homemade artisanal ice cream. Some favorites among many customers include the mini ice cream sandwiches with interesting flavors like beer or pretzel.

Do you love hitting up food trucks? Let us know some of the favorites in your town!