Nothing rocks more than a good horror movie. If you disagree, I’m sorry dear ma’am or sir, you are a scared-y cat. I know, I know. It’s never a good idea to do name-calling at the beginning of a post (ha…or at all) but I feel like everyone has at least one horror movie that they like. I have my share of many and and while I enjoy closing my eyes and ears during the scary parts, I really do get a thrill out of super scary movies. Of course, the thrills are even more heightened during the Halloween season. Being the travel junkies that we are, we couldn’t help but find some of our favorite hotel-centered horror movies. Watch them if you dare. If you are quite the rebel, you may want to watch a few of ’em if you happen to be IN a hotel room on Halloween.

House on Haunted Hill

This has to be one of my favorite horror movies of all time. Of course, you’ll be without the insane gore and special effects as the movie came out in 1959. But when it comes to thriller, it’s one of the best. The “house” could actually double as a hotel and a millionaire decides to throw a party. The catch? Whoever can stay in the house the entire night will be $10,000 richer. Sounds easy, uh? Of course the millionaire left out that the house was actually haunted. It’s not the scariest horror movie ever but it will definitely make you jump a few times.


I will never get sick of watching this classic. When it comes to psycho thrillers, I reckon that Psycho is a top favorite for most horror movie fanatics. The premise is simple and it doesn’t start off as the traditional horror movie. I mean, what’s so scary about a woman stealing money and running off to a hotel in the middle of nowhere? Yeah well, nothing is as it appears and no movie demonstrates that better than Psycho.

The Shining

But, of course. You knew it was coming, didn’t you? When you think of scary hotels, how could you not think of the one in The Shining? And what’s scarier? Being trapped in a hotel all winter long or being chased by the cabin fever stricken Jack Nicholson?


While not as popular as its running mates, Vacancy is quite the terror in that it’s a movie that could happen in real life. You may never willingly go to haunted house or run around to a random motel after robbing your employer and who wants to be stuck in a hotel all winter long? But crashing at a motel after a long trip? That could happen to any of us.


Okay, so I’ve never actually seen Hostel but some of the kids at the Drive The Nation office have and based on their reviews, I think I can do without seeing this movie. Yes, it actually seems to be that scary and well, I do have my limits. If you’ve ever stayed in a hostel, this may taint your view on them and if you’ve never stayed in a hostel, well then, you probably won’t ever want to after seeing this movie.


For those thrill-seeking ghost hunters, this hotel terror may have you second guessing exploring any haunted hotel rooms. Mr. Enslin (played by John Cusack) takes this one-hour challenge in a cursed room light-heartedly. Based on the Stephen King Short story 1408, Enslin has a hard time figuring out if what he is seeing is reality or hallucinations. Seeing ghost after ghost his stay at The Dolphin Hotel maybe be short-lived. This movie has definitely got me straying away from any “haunted” rooms.

Did we miss any of the greats? Let us know! Plus, don’t miss our list of Haunted Hotels Across America and the Top 10 Ghost Tours in the U.S.!