There’s something refreshing about waking up early and walking around a local Farmers’ Market on a Saturday morning. If you’ve never been to a Farmers’ Market, allow us to open up a whole new door of food choices for you!

Farmers’ Markets take grocery shopping to a new level. More people are starting to purchase their produce, baked goods and other pantry stuffers from Farmers’ Markets because they’re all local grown goods. These goods are grown on local farms, picked and brought fresh to sell at a local Farmers’ Market Farmers’ Market goers appreciate the price they pay for the high quality produce and goods to bring home and enjoy. The produce found at Farmers’ Markets do not contain the chemicals or preservatives that grocery store produce may have.

Aside from purchasing delicious fruits and veggies, visitors can also enjoy a great morning walking around in the sunshine and sampling food and drink from different tables. When you’re ready to lace up a pair of comfortable shoes and walk around this outdoors market, be sure to check out one of these 10 Best Farmers’ Markets in America.

Farmers’ Market – Los Angeles, CA
If there’s one place in Los Angeles that is beloved by visitors and locals, it is definitely the famous Farmers’ Market! Located at the Grove, the Farmers’ Market is a place with all kinds of fresh produce, meats, cheeses and eateries to enjoy while you’re walking around.

Pike Place Farmers’ Market – Seattle, WA
Located in Seattle, Pike Place is one of the main attractions in this city. Visitors have a variety of meats and fresh fish to choose from along with delicious restaurants open everyday.

Santa Fe Farmers’ Market – Santa Fe, NM
As a popular tourist spot, the Santa Fe Farmers’ Market is full of culture, great food and excellent entertainment for the whole family to enjoy.

Union Square Greenmarket – Manhattan, NY
Take a break from the bustling city life and get back to nature at the Union Square Greenmarket. Visitors can indulge in fresh baked goods, produce, wines, cheeses and so much more.

Crescent City Farmers Market – New Orleans, LA
There’s much more to New Orleans than just Mardi Gras. Give your taste buds a field day at The Crescent City Farmers Market when you enjoy their mouth watering, fresh fish and farm-raised meats.

Eastern Market – Washington, D.C.
Located in our nation’s capitol, the Eastern Market offers everything from fresh flowers to delicious seafood.  They are closed on Mondays, but open the other 6 days of the week.

Green City Market – Chicago, IL
The Green City Market in Chicago is open for business all year! All the meat and produce is organic and locally grown and farm raised. You can be sure you’ll be getting the highest quality here!

SFC Farmers’ Market – Austin, TX
Grab your boots for a fun day at the SFC Farmers’ Market in Austin, TX! Walk around and shop while enjoying the tunes of live music!

Charleston Farmers’ Market – Charleston, SC
Charleston never tasted so good! Nestles in the beautiful Marion Square, make sure you don’t leave without some beautiful jewelry, fresh pasta or local meats! If you want it, you can find it here.

Downtown Farmers’ Market – Salt Lake City, UT
When you’re strolling through downtown Salt Lake City, don’t miss out on a trip to their famous Farmers’ Market! If you want a taste of Utah, this is the place to go to meet the great folks and taste their delicious food!