You’re setting off on your road trip and can’t wait to experience all the new adventures that are waiting for you. Road trips are just as exciting as an overseas trip or a cruise because you’re indulging in something new. You’re seeing many things you’ve never seen before and creating memories that will last a lifetime. I remember taking road trips with my parents when I as a little girl and not just because I have an “Orlando” souvenir or an “I <3 New York” t-shirt. There are many things that I saw on the road that I will forever remember because of the way I documented my trips.

No matter how old you are, road trips can be a great deal of fun and memorable for a lifetime if you do it right. Here are a few tips to make your road trip memorable.

1. Try Something New

When you’re cruising down the highway, what is the one thing you’ve always wanted to do or see that you wouldn’t do normally? Try to do something new as often as you can.

2. Be Present

Focus on the present. Don’t think about work, school or troubles. Live completely in the moment and be grateful that you are experiencing many new destinations.

3. Be Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

You’re not at home, be happy about that! We all know that there’s no better place than your own bed, but get comfortable with being in a new environment that isn’t your part of your everyday routine.

4. Indulge in Moments Instead of Possessions

Yes, those city t-shirts and shot glasses are (sort of) worth the money, but when you think back of your trip, will you miss the material possessions or the beautiful view and the feeing on being on top of a mountain?

5. Take Photos/Keep a Journal

The most important, document each and every detail of your experiences. Take as many photos as you can and write down everything you learned, saw, liked, didn’t like or ate. You will appreciate this when you revisit it in the years to come.

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