Taking a red-eye flight can be great for individuals who have to catch a meeting somewhere the following morning or have to be somewhere in general. There is good and bad to taking red-eye flights, but when you have to jump off the plane and drive to a meeting, you want to make sure you are feeling completely refreshed an alert. For those who fall into this category, check out these 5 tips for a quick recovery from a red-eye flight.

1. Sleep on the Flight

The most important thing to do is get plenty of rest on your flight. As soon as you land, you will most likely be on the go and taking the flight time to sleep will leave you refreshed in the morning.

2. Set an Alarm on the Plane

Set an alarm about 30-45 minutes before you land so you are fully awake by the time you do land. You don’t want to be groggy when you walk off the plane and to your car (if you’re driving).

3. Bring the Right Sleep Gear

If you’re taking a long red-eye, bring a pillow, blanket and comfortable clothes so you can make yourself as comfortable as possible during the time you are sleeping.

4. Limit your Fluid Intake

Try ┬ánot to drink too much 1-2 hours before your fight. If you’re hoping for a good nights rest, drinking too much before your flight may cause you to wake up and use the restroom often.

5. Limit your Activities Once you Land

If you can, try to be easy on yourself the day you land. If you have work, conserve your energy for your work day and rest the remainder of the day.