Choosing a vacation can be a fun or stressful task for the person planning – especially if you’re traveling with a family or a large group of friends. When choosing the perfect place to go, it’s important to take certain things into consideration to ensure you are planning the vacation that best suits you and your party. When scrolling through the internet reading travel reviews or learning about new places to go, narrow down your decision by answering these questions:

What are your vacation goals?

Learning your vacation goals can help you narrow down your options. Do you want a vacation to relax? Are you looking to explore or go on an adventure? These can help you decide where you want to be.

Are you looking for sun or snow?

Sun or snow can determine if you want to go somewhere tropical or winter-ish. Do you want to lay by the pool or go skiing in the mountains?

Do you have children?

Children are an important determining factor in where you want to travel during your vacation. For example, small children can make it a little more difficult to plan an adventure vacation.

Do you want to be in a big city or up in a secluded mountain?

The ultimate determining factor, do you want to travel to a big city such as, New York City or Los Angeles? Or do you prefer somewhere quiet and relaxing such as the Virgin Islands or Aspen, Colorado.