If you’re a golfer, it is always a sad time of year when you have to put the clubs away because it’s just too cold or snowy to be out there on the course. And while most of the country is in a deep freeze, no thanks to the polar vortex, there are some spots that are experiencing great weather.

Which means, that with a little bit of planning, you can make time to play some golf all year round. Sure, it can be harder to over these next few months, but with beautiful courses like these open for business, we’re pretty sure you can find some time for a quick weekend golf jaunt.

Scottsdale, Arizona

We know that the Phoenix suburb is home to one of the best events on the PGA Tour, the Waste Management Open, so this area certainly has some golf chops. And, while the Northeast and Midwest are freezing, Scottsdale is still experiencing warm days, perfect for getting the clubs out. Check out public courses like: TPC Scottsdale and Grayhawk to name a few.

Southern California

Southern California is always a great destination to have on your list no matter what time of year. Not only are some of the best golf courses in the country dotted along the rocky shorelines, but the weather is pretty much always absolutely perfect. If you want to experience some of the best weather and golf you might find in the winter try: The Grand at Del Mar and Torrey Pines.

San Antonio, Texas

In of itself, San Antonio is a great city to visit, with plenty of history and culture. But, as an added bonus, it has a pretty thriving golf scene as well. And with the heat rising all summer well over 90 degrees, the winter is an amazing time to get a few rounds in between sightseeing. To see the best this area has to offer look at: TPC San Antonio and La Cantera.

What are some of your favorite destinations to golf in the winter? Let us know what you think in the comments!