You know we love a road trip at Drive the Nation, but sometimes it can feel just a tiny bit tedious spending all those hours in the car. This is especially true for those longer trips or when you’re driving in the country and can’t quite seem to find anything on the radio.

Remember what you did during long road trips as a kid? Played some games, of course! Just because you might be just a little bit older now, doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun in the car reliving some of those old games, and learning a few new ones too!

Let’s take a look at some oldies but goodies classic games that are always fun for any road trip.

The Picnic Game

A standard road trip game for decades that everyone can join in, this is always a fun one. Essentially, everyone will start by saying “I’m going to (insert your destination) and I’m bringing…..” The first person will say something starting with the letter A.

For example “I’m going to the beach and I’m bringing an apple.” The next person will have to repeat what the first said AND add something they are bringing that starts with a B. Now, it will be “I’m bringing an apple and a beach ball.” See how long you can go and who is the king or queen of memory games!

License Plate Bingo

This is a great game to play if you are heading out on a long road trip, like exploring a bunch of National Parks with the kids during summer break. Here, everyone will have to keep their eyes on the road and check out the license plates of passing cars.

There are actually a number of ways to play the game. A common way is to spot as many different state plates as you can, and at the end of the trip see who has the most. Another way to play is draw up some bingo cards before you head out, list some squares with states others with certain letters and/or numbers and check off each plate that matches. First to bingo wins.

Group Storytelling

If you’ve got a really creative group in the car, or just want a lot of laughs, this is an absolute favorite. The game is very simple. The first person will start with just one or two sentences to start off a story. From there, the next person will continue the story by adding an additional sentence or two, and around to everyone in the car.

The ultimate goal is to keep the story going as long as you can, and eventually, come up with a great ending. To add in a couple of fun twists make a few rules in each new round, for example have the sentences rhyme, or all the sentences must include a certain word, or each sentence must start with the same letter. There are endless possibilities!

Did we miss any of your favorite road trip games? We’re always looking for more creative ways to have fun on trips, so let us know in the comments!