We love road trips, and why not the thrill of seeing new sites, the freedom of being out on the road, the spontaneity that can be involved with it all. But one forgotten aspect of may road trips could also be the most exciting, finding places to stay.

And while for many a simple comfortable roadside hotel or motel is perfectly fine for a road trip, there are a few pretty amazing hotels sprinkled across the country that are simply a site unto themselves.

So, if you’re looking at taking a fun and wacky trip that offers a couple of really interesting and unique experiences, why not check out a few of these hotels. We are sure they will truly be an vacation you will never forget!

TreeHouse Point

Only 30 minutes outside of Seattle, you can feel like you’re a kid again. With TreeHouse Point, this hotel offers guests individual cottages located in the treetops, literally. If a fear of heights holds you back, the hotel also has conventional lodging as well. Have a real vacation to remember that brings back good memories from your own little bit of heaven in the sky.

Dog Bark Park Inn

Are you a pet lover? If so, this dog shaped, yes dog shaped, hotel has to be for you. If you get lost while trying to find this establishment in Cottonwood, Idaho, just look for The Dog, a giant beagle on the side of the highway. Enjoy a very memorable experience in this dog themed bed and breakfast that will be hard to beat!

Wigwam Motel

On a road trip through the Southwest? Then you absolutely cannot miss the opportunity to sleep in a wigwam. This historic Wigwam Hotel has been around for decades, and it’s easy to see why, they embrace originality! These wigwams might be a bit more advanced than your standard tent featuring a private bathroom and air conditioning, not too shabby.

Do you have some favorite unusual hotels? Let us know in the comments what they are!