“Buon Giorno!”

There’s nothing more inviting before starting an Italian dining experience than hearing that welcoming phrase. Personally, it gets me in a serious eating mode and validates that I am, indeed, at an authentic Italian restaurant. Nestled on La Cienega Blvd in Beverly Hills, California is where you’ll find a piece of Italy right in Southern California.

How often do you get to eat at a restaurant that offers garlic as the main ingredient in all of their menu items? First of all, how often do you ever think about using garlic in everything you eat? At The Stinking Rose, they take EVERYTHING literally. The menu isn’t about quantity, but quality. Everything offered is made unique, fresh and authentic just as it would be in Italy. However, it isn’t something us Americans are used to. As we sat in the main dining room, decorated as an Italian piazza with 2-4 seat tables covered in a canopy like tent we were greeted with their signature Bagna Calda appetizer which consists of garlic cloves, oven-roasted in extra virgin olive oil and butter with a hint of anchovy. This was mouth watering as a spread on their house-baked focaccia bread. After the bread and Bagna Calda settled nicely in my stomach, we were dying to try out their garlic wine. That’s right – garlic wine. Also known as, Chateau du Garlique. Without overdoing the “garlic” I will admit that this wine had a smooth garlic tang to it that wasn’t something i’ll order every time – just when i’m at The Stinking Rose!

Next on the menu of appetizers was a delicious order of Mussels cooked in a skillet soaked in a soy sauce topping and dipped in garlic, it was delicious. If you’re not a Mussels fan, it’s worth a try. They are made to taste warm and moist without that “seafood” taste. ¬†On to the next appetizer, my stomach was getting full but once this Garlic Spinach Fontina Fondue hit the table, it wasn’t long before it was in my mouth. This cheesy appetizer is served with a crisp cracker and isn’t too overdone. It didn’t take long for the fondue to disappear as my Chicken & Asparagus Pasta was soon to follow. A heavenly combination of fettucini, roasted tomatoes and pine nuts, the entree was the “creme de la creme” of Italian dishes. It was a tasty mix of flavors that left me craving more after each bite. However, that didn’t stop me from ordering the Garlic Ice Cream for dessert. Again, you read right – garlic ice cream. Don’t think it doesn’t taste great, though. It was perfect with a chocolate syrup topping and just a small hint of garlic flavor in a vanilla base. Would I order again? You bet.

If you’re ever galavanting around the Beverly Hills area and looking for the perfect restaurant that is unique, authentic rich in culture and delicious, The Stinking Rose is the place for you. Call today to make a reservation or visit the their website for more information. Oh, and don’t forget to buy breath mints after. Happy eating!

The Stinking Rose


55 N. La Cienega Blvd

Beverly Hills, CA 90211

310.652. 7673