You’ve read about the most scenic drives in America from Alabama to Indiana to Montana. Now it’s time to enjoy these drives from Oklahoma to Wyoming. 


(Oklahoma) Wichita Mountains

Unplug from technology and go off the grid with this scenic drive. It will take you over hills and directly past wildlife including Texas Longhorns and Buffalo. There are many walking trails along the way where you can stop, get out for a hike, or even a picnic. Beware of rattlesnakes. 

(Oregon) Highway 101

Drive alongside Oregon’s Pacific Coast and straight through the mountains on Highway 101. There are plenty of sights and stops to enjoy along the way including beaches, lighthouses, meadows, forests, and plenty of seafood restaurants

(Pennsylvania) Route 6 

This 400-mile stretch of road is on many scenic drive lists and you will know why as soon as you see it. You will drive right by stunning lake views, the Allegheny Reservoir, and the “Grand Canyon” of Pennsylvania, to name a few. If you have time, plan a trip to the Lumber Museum and learn about Pennsylvania’s lumber industry history. 

(Rhode Island) Route 77

You might be surprised to discover this quiet country road lined with farm stands, and old country stores in what normally feels like a busy or crowded Rhode Island. But it’s there and waiting for you. 

(South Carolina) The Cherokee Foothills National Scenic Byway

Enjoy this relaxing and pretty drive through the Northwestern mountains of South Carolina where waterfalls, National Parks, historical sites, peach orchards, and quaint villages are waiting for you to discover them. 

(South Dakota) Badlands Loop State Scenic Byway 

You don’t want to miss this scenic drive teeming with wildlife, vistas and stunning geological formations. If you time it right, catch a sunrise or hang around for sunset, to witness one of the most colorful displays in the skies. 

(Tennessee) The Sunny Side Trail

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Headed to the park soon? Before you hit the trails, consider mapping your journey using our website and other resources. Before your trip, think about what you might need to have a safe and enjoyable visit. Some key items include plenty of water, proper hiking shoes, bug spray, sunscreen and a map. When you arrive, it's important to have the latest information on weather and temporary closures. Stop by a visitor center to ask a ranger your lingering questions. Current conditions can be found here: During your trip, make sure you are staying on trail and collecting your trash for proper disposal. Keeping the park beautiful is a team effort! We hope you enjoy exploring and learning about the park! #MapYourJourney #RecreateResponsibly Photo by Bob Carr

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More mountain views and small towns on this trail, only you will be driving through the backroads of the well-known Smoky Mountains. 

(Texas) Bluebonnet Trail

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"Bluebonnets Over Ennis" I've told myself for years that I wanted to get down to #Texas to shoot the #bluebonnets. I lived in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for five years of my childhood and remember hearing about bluebonnets. Now that I'm a landscape and nature photographer, I decided I wanted to try and go down to see what I could shoot! I put it off for the past few years for various reasons, and nearly let the time slip by this year until I decided to pull the trigger on an impromptu overnight trip down to #Ennis, TX. I was treated to this gorgeous #sunset at #BardwellLake last night for my efforts. The shot I took a few minutes before this one as the sun was just about to go beyond the horizon is even better! But as it's a large panorama that needs some more post-processing work, I'll have to wait and post that one in the coming days. However, the deep hues of red, pink and orange in the #sky were brilliant! It's safe to say this might become a yearly tradition now! #ennisbluebonnets #flowers #wildflowers #flower #TexasToDo #spring #springtime #txhighways #igtexis #visitennis #bluebonnettrails #EnnisBluebonnets18 #bluebonnet #ennisbluebonnettrails #bluebonnettrail

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If you can, drive the Bluebonnet Trail during Spring. Why? Because Bluebonnets are a type of purple flower that only grows in Texas and in springtime, there are miles and miles of them on either side of the road. They are named for the bonnets women wear because that is what they resemble.  

(Utah) All-American Road 

It’s no secret that Utah is one of the most gorgeous states in all of the U.S. And this All-American Road will not disappoint you. You are in for approximately 130 miles of sheer beauty. However, you must be comfortable with high-altitudes and narrow or winding roads.  

(Vermont) Highway 100

This is one drive everyone should take at least one time in their life during the Autumn season to witness breathtaking fall foliage lining the road. However, at any time during the year, you will appreciate minimal traffic and all-around beauty. 

(Virginia) Blue Ridge Parkway

The Blue Ridge Parkway will start you off near Afton, Virginia, and take you all the way to Cherokee, North Carolina with so many things to enjoy in between including hiking, bicycling, camping, fishing, wildflowers, food, music, history and more. 

(Washington) Olympic Peninsula Loop

This drive could probably be done in a day but you would be doing yourself (and the park) a huge injustice. There is so much to see and take in, you want to take your time traveling it. You could even stay a night inside the Olympic National Park

(West Virginia) Highland Scenic Highway

A nice quiet stretch of road with plenty of views, curves, and farms but few amenities – so be sure to use the restroom and stock up on snacks before you hit the road. 

(Wisconsin) Door County Coastal Byway 

If you love the cool wind blowing in your window from nearby water as you drive past it, consider the Door County Coastal byway. It’s 60-some miles alongside the Peninsula, Lake Michigan and the Bay of Green Bay.

(Wyoming) Snowy Range Scenic Byway 

A perfect summer road trip, where you can hop out and cool off in the lakes, go fishing, hiking or camping. This area is closed down in the wintertime because the roads become too slippery and dangerous. But, in the summer, it’s great outdoor fun, scenery, and wildlife including moose, bald eagles, and deer.