Built in the 1920s, the Ford Theatre is one of the oldest performing theatres in Los Angeles, now run by the Department of Parks and Recreation and the LA County Arts Commission along with the Ford Theatre Foundation,  is the John Anson Ford Theatre.  Interrupted only by a fire, which destroyed the original structure, and then in World War II, the theatre has presented continuous theatre and events for a variety of tastes.  The present concrete theatre was built as to model the gates of Jerusalem.  They have flamenco dancing, country western events, religious events, diverse cultural events, film, concerts, and regular theatre of both contemporary and historical events.

Many people take picnic lunches (or dinners if you will) and feast at the various benches and relaxing spots up to two hours before the performances.  You can bring your own food or buy from the concession stands on the third floor.  Box lunches and dinners can be purchased once you are there and even ordered ahead of time.  (It’s less money if you order ahead of time – $13.00 for a meal, drink and dessert for the value meals. The box meals run between $25-30 but include a cheese platter and do not include beverages but those can be purchased on site. They ask for cash or credit card. The order number is 323 461-3673. (Orders must be received at least three days prior to the performance you are attending)  If you do bring your own food, the basket has to be small enough to fit under your seat when you’re in the amphitheatre.

Saturday morning has the Big! Word! Fun! for families and kids, which you should also check out.    Call the box office for more details on that.

While there is an elevator that gets you to the third floor where the amphitheatre is situated, and a ramp that takes you up most of the steps, there are still some challenges for the disabled.  However, they can ask to be dropped off at the top of the hill via the shuttle by the main third floor entrance.   Hearing assisted headphones are also available.

Situated on the Cahuenga Pass (Cahuenga East), this 45 acre park, 1200 seat amphitheatre, is at times confusing to get to.  One of the best ways is to get off on Cahuenga and, as you head toward the north 101, you will find the theatre.  The other option is to exit the 101 off of Barham Blvd and follow the signs east.  Just before you come to Highland, you will discover a small sign indicating a left turn, which will direct you into the park, itself.  A third, and maybe the best, option, is to take the shuttle,(available only during the summer season) which runs from the Universal City Metro Station (Lankershim and University City walkway)  at intervals of 20 minutes and takes you directly to Ford Theatre so that you don’t have to worry about the $5-10 parking fee where your cars are stacked (and mine got dinged.)  The free shuttle goes from the “kiss and ride” area of the metro station and starts two hours before show time.

FORD THEATRES 2580 Cahuenga Blvd, East, Hollywood, CA 90068  Box Office Info: Tel 323-461-3673   |   Email boxoffice@arts.lacounty.gov