Gone are the days of “I spy” and missions to spot a license plate from every state. While non-electronic road trip fun can still be a blast, apps and digital media has created a whole new way to keep the gang amused while traveling. Check out the latest and greatest offerings when it comes to beating boredom that can be found right on your smartphone.

Heads Up!

A fast-moving game that you can play just about anywhere, Heads Up was introduced by Ellen Degeneres after she began playing the old-fashioned rendition on her show. It’s quickly become one of the most popular apps, and it’s easy to see why. The instructions are super simple: one person begins the game by placing the phone screen, which contains the answer, in front of their forehead so they can’t see it. Other players give them clues, and they must guess the word before time runs out. Recording capability makes it even more fun, as you can watch the most hilarious moments again, or even share them to social media.
Two Boys In Children Car Seats, Traveling By Car And Playing With Toys And Tablet

Ticket to Ride

This digital adaption of the popular board game challenges players to make their way to various U.S. cities via railroad routes. The beautiful maps, based on the original intricate illustrations, are almost as cool as the game itself. An extremely family-friendly app, Ticket to Ride can be enjoyed by kids as young as eight, and as many as four players at once.


While it was originally a card game, Fluxx offers just as much fun on your phone. The simple “draw one card, play one card” rule that’s the basis for the game lends itself well to the app format, with pass-and-play capability for two to four players. If you can’t get anyone to join you, that’s okay, too; the game can also pit you against a computer-generated opponent.
Couple playing game on tablet

Trivial Pursuit & Friends

There’s no need to cart cards around with you, thanks to this app version of the classic. Plus, the digital rendition offers some features not found in the original: there’s Blitz, which calls on all players to answer at once, Events, a themed quiz that’s updated weekly, and Duel, for two players who are in the mood to face off. With thousands of questions, some with photos, you’re in for hours of entertainment and some valuable knowledge as well!