If you haven’t seen the music video for Taylor Swift’s newest single, Blank Space, then you are missing out on an inside look of one of the largest castles in the world. TSwift takes the “boy-crazy” character to the extreme by punishing her cheating music vid bf in a most elegant way. Meanwhile, you’ll get a glimpse of New York’s historic Oheka Castle, the sprawling estate that inspired the mansion in The Great Gatsby. Before you book a tour of the grounds, here’s a sneak peak led by Swifty (evening gown optional).


Oheka Castle offers many different tours that give you a look inside the estate. You definitely will only see a small amount of the overall estate – the castle boasts 127 rooms across 109,000 square feet and 23 acres.


Indoor bike rides not included in the tour.


While it was once a private home, today it is a historic hotel including 32 guest rooms and suites. We’ll let Tay-Tay show off a couple.



*Actual guest rooms vary. May not include horses.


Seems like a good time to try out those complimentary bathrobes.

Oheka’s true guest room offerings are more elegant and less equestrian. Decked out in timeless touches, the rooms and suites will feel like you’re waking up in the roaring 20’s.


The Whitney Rooms


The Fairbanks Suites

You’re always reminded of the sheer opulence of the estate both inside and out. Let’s step outside into the gardens.


Taylor, could you give up the horse and continue with the tour?


Fine, close enough. The gardens were designed in the early 1900s by the Olmsted Brothers, famed landscape architects at the turn of the century. Over the years, the mansion sat empty, resulting in it being in almost total disrepair. In the 1980’s, the current owner Gary Melius restored the gardens and the building to their original glory.


The estate is now a popular destination for celebrity and aristocratic getaways, high profile events and weddings and as a setting for photoshoots, films and television shows (and now music videos, obvi). I mean, this staircase was made for wedding photos, right?


Not to mention this path of trees that Taylor lovingly carves a heart into…


But, like, please don’t actually do this.

…is where you can have an actual horse-drawn carriage bring you to the altar.


Visit Oheka.com to find out how to book a mansion tour, guest room reservation, or dinner reservation. All tours include tea, coffee and homemade cookies, but you can also join the Lunch Tour which includes a 2-course lunch, or take the Otto & Addie Tour which includes champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries for 2. How romantic!


If you’re going to be in New York anytime soon, we definitely think the tour of Oheka is a lovely way to spend an afternoon. For a look at how to not behave when you visit, check out the full video for Taylor Swift’s Blank Space video.


Blank Space gifs via MTV and BuzzFeed. All Oheka Castle images via Oheka.com.