Remember when I talked about planning a trip to Siesta Key? I went! Oftentimes when you plan a trip, you sit around hoping that everything turns out fine. This trip exceeded my expectations in many ways. My three gal pals and I had a fantastic time and I can’t believe I waited this long to visit one of Florida’s most pristine beaches.

The Beach
I’ve visited several beaches in Florida and I think Siesta Key takes the cake for being the most attractive. The stunning sandy beaches and crystal clear water made everyday feel like I was living in a dream. I prefer Siesta Key over the beaches down south because as gorgeous as they are, you are surrounded by hundreds of other beach goers. Don’t get me wrong, I never expect for a beach in Florida to be a ghost town, but I don’t like having to fight for parking spaces, beach chairs and spots to lay out in the sand. This was never the case during our visit at Siesta Key. This beach town has such a nicer less “touristy” feel than other beach towns and I can see why it is one of the top beaches in the United States.

The Eats
When driving to my destination, I always like to save money and pack a lot of snacks. We ended up doing this but we also grabbed a lot of food along the way. We ate breakfast at a nice hole in the wall-type restaurant. We each spent no more than $7 each on huge breakfast platters. We ate lunch on the beach and had a few drinks; not exactly budget-friendly, but hey…you do yourself a disservice if you don’t have a strawberry daiquiri while in Siesta Key. Dinner was divine and we ended up eating at a gorgeous spot on the beach. We shared appetizers and desserts and practically had to be rolled out of the restaurant. Everything was just so tasty! Seafood lovers, if you find yourself in Siesta Key, you have to dine at one of their many seafood restaurants.

The Fun
We didn’t get a chance to do as many activities as we wanted and it wasn’t because of lack of options. There are a ton of fun things to do in Siesta Key and my only regret is that we didn’t stay longer. We took a cab to see the Ringling Museum of Art and after that visit and a few visits to local shops, we hit the beach. The city’s wonderfully relaxed vibe and the crashing waves had us in a trance and we didn’t want to HAVE to do anything.

My first trip to Siesta Key did not disappoint and I am already planning my second trip. Have you ever been to Siesta Key?