FACT: Not everyone is the perfect travel buddy. And the sad thing is, you usually don’t realize this until you are already miles away from home. It has happened to me a dozen times and I now like to ask a very important question before I book trips with friends. “Should we get a suite or a room?” Sounds simple, uh? It is but not asking it can make the difference between an awesome trip and a terrible trip. Here’s how…

Booking a suite: I love hotel suites because they usually come with kitchenettes, dining areas and a living space. There is enough space for everyone to hang out communally but when it’s time for bathing and sleeping, everyone gets their own space. It’s the best of both worlds. Suites are also fantastic for long trips. Plan on spending some time in the room relaxing? The added space is wonderful. But of course, it comes with a cost. Suites usually cost a little bit more in price and may not be ideal for budget trips. They also don’t work best for odd numbered travelers. If you and 2 friends are headed on a trip, which one of you gets the sofa and who gets the beds? It’s a tricky question to answer and sometimes it just isn’t worth the trouble trying to figure out who gets what.

Booking a room: If you and your buddies are closer than close and don’t mind being up in each others’ businesses, go for a room! This is ideal for quick trips where all you plan on doing is sleeping and showering. My friends and I opt for 1 room for 4 people if we plan on staying in town just for the night. We eat out for the evening, share the bathroom, buddy up on beds and then head on in the morning. By the time you start getting on someone’s nerves it is almost time to go. Plus, you can’t beat the affordability. Splitting a room in four’s makes everyone happy, even if it’s a bit uncomfortable sharing beds as if we were siblings.

How do you travel with friends and family members? Do you prefer suites or rooms ?