There are lots of beautiful drives around New England, but Rhode Island’s Ocean Drive has to be at the top of the list. 

This ten-mile drive offers something for everyone: history, architecture, and incredible ocean views. It sounds pretty hard to beat, right?

In this post, we’re going to highlight everything you need to know about historic Ocean Drive. 

So buckle in and let’s go!

Getting There

To enjoy Ocean Drive, you first have to get to Newport, Rhode Island. This small yet historic city is on the very tip of an island chain that’s part of Rhode Island. It’s surrounded by water, the Atlantic Ocean, and Narragansett Bay. 

From the North or South, the best way to reach Newport is via Interstate 95. Once you hit Providence, take Route 114 South to Newport. For a more scenic ride if you’re coming from Connecticut, take Route 1 along the ocean until it intersects with Route 138 in Kingston, RI.

First Stop, Bellevue Avenue

marble house on Bellvue Avenue in Rhode Island

From Route 138, start on Bellevue Avenue. 

Bellevue Avenue is home to many spectacular old houses in America. This area of the country was the summer destination of some of the wealthiest families in the country during the 1800s and early 1900s.

Names like the Vanderbilts and other coal, steel, and railroad barons built opulent homes here. Many are open today for tours during the year and are especially popular during the summer months. 

Touring Ocean Drive

Once you hit the end of Bellevue Avenue, a quick right turn will take you onto Ocean Drive. Ocean Drive curves around the rocky Rhode Island coastline and offers plenty to see and do. 

If you’re looking to experience Ocean Drive at its best, try waking up early. The sunrise coming over this area is magnificent, and you’ll find a lot fewer cars on the road as well. 

The Cliff Walk

If you feel like getting exercise outside of the car, the end of Bellevue Ave is also the start of The Cliff Walk. This walk is a National Recreation Trail and about 3.5 miles that run right along the Eastern shoreline of Newport.


Unsurprisingly, there are beaches along Ocean Drive. They might be private so be sure to note them! There are a few public beaches such as Gooseberry Beach and King’s Beach. Both of these beaches are located more in coves, so they have calmer waters. However, you won’t find much in the way of amenities here.

Brenton Point State Park

About 3 miles into the drive, you’ll hit the first major park on Ocean Drive; Brenton Point State Park. For some pretty spectacular views of the Rhode Island coast you can imagine, this is the spot to bring your camera!

This park is also very popular with people who love flying kites. So it’s the perfect spot to bring a picnic lunch and enjoy the view for a few hours. 

Castle Hill Lighthouse

Small Castle Hill Lighthouse sits on the rocky coastline of Newport, Rhode Island at sunset with the waves slowly rushing across the rocks.

The Castle Hill Lighthouse is owned by the United States Coastguard, but the grounds are open to the public to visit. Park at the nearby Castle Hill Cove Marina and then walk back towards the lighthouse to find the trail that will bring you down to the grounds. 


Ocean Drive is truly spectacular and has a lot to offer, be sure to take your time and enjoy your time there. Take a peek at our sister site,, for some of the best deals in the area.