You’ve probably heard of this Northern California park because of the massive trees for which it’s named. Indeed, this area is home to some of the tallest trees in the entire world! However, you might not realize that there is so much more to Redwood National Park than awe-inspiring trunks, branches and leaves. In addition to wooded areas, visitors will find a wide variety of terrain, including open fields, rivers, rugged coastline and more.

Redwood National ParkThe park has plenty of programs in place for first-timers to get a taste of the natural wonders that surround them, including free guided tours through the North and South districts of the park. There are also some specialty tours, including tidepool and nature walks, educational campfire circles, and kayak adventures. Little ones ages 7-12 can play park ranger for a day with the Junior Ranger program, an hourlong enrichment session that teaches them about the entire ecosystem of the park. For an especially unique experience, stop by in the summer to see a free dance performance by a Native American tribe, along with a history lesson that provides background about that particular tribe’s culture. There’s an abundance of wildlife to observe as well: some of the most common sightings include Roosevelet Elk, sea otters, and bald eagles. If you’re in the area in late fall or early spring, see what you can spot on a whale watch!

Giant Redwood Trees

You don’t just have to make it a day trip, either. There’s no doubt about it: Redwood National Park is a camper’s paradise. Whether you’re into roughing it with backcountry camping or prefer setting up shop at a more established site, you’ll find opportunities for both here. If you’re worried about finding activities to keep the whole gang amused for days on end, you can rest easy. From horseback riding and kayaking to hiking and cycling, you can easily spend at least a full week exploring all that the park has to offer.

You might be in the mood to take it easy after all of that physical activity. Thankfully, there are also several gorgeous scenic drives you can take for a perfectly relaxing afternoon with plenty of photo ops. You can find itineraries and directions on the park’s website and begin planning your adventure.

Redwood National Park is on our list of the best attractions along the west coast!

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