So, you’ve been thinking about RV Living; spending your days traveling to new and exciting spots sounds pretty awesome, right?

But, before you head to your nearest RV store and go all in, it’s important to understand the basics of RV life. That’s what we’re here to help you do.

Consider this your guide to RV living for beginners. 

Let’s do this.

Do Your Homework

white rv with lots of green scenery in the background

Regardless if you’ve been around RVs for a few years or if you’ve never set foot inside one, you want to start off with doing your homework.

First, you’re going to want to take a look at your budget. RVs can run from a few thousand dollars for a used model to well over six figures for a homemade for a rockstar on wheels. 

You’re budget probably falls a bit in between. 

You’ll also need to consider other costs too, including insurance, financing, fees, and gas. Plus, there are other costs too that you might not have thought about including maintenance, gear, and parking costs too. 

Take a Few Test Runs

Before you buy, you can rent. 

All across the country, there are RV rental spaces, many near National Parks, that allow you to rent an RV, just like you would a car, for short periods of time. This is a perfect way to get a good feeling of what you love about RV living and, most importantly, what you really need. 

You might find you love a certain layout, are happy with a smaller size or need a bigger kitchen. All of that information can help you narrow down what you must-have when it comes time to get an RV of your own.

Plus, spending quality time in an RV lets you get a feel of the space, how to drive and maintain it, and how much you need to pack to have everything you need. All of that information is invaluable to help you get your new RV lifestyle off on the right foot. 

Join the RV Community

several rv's in a row in an rv campground

Another great thing about RVing is there are tens of thousands of passionate and friendly RV owners and users living all over America.

These people are incredible resources for you. When you’re out on your test runs, chat up others at your campsites to get their thoughts. Lots of people will be happy to show off their rig, which is another great way to get a feel of different types.

Also, check out some of the popular blogs and forums, and watch videos on YouTube, there are tons of tips and tours you can explore and help you decide.

Enjoy RV Living

Once you’ve settled on your RV, it’s time to enjoy the RV lifestyle!

Make your RV bucket list and start exploring the places you want to go to. Now that you have a rig of your own, you can go slow and truly enjoy everything from those out of the way National Parks to tailgating at your local sporting event and everything in between.