Famous for being a landmark in the entertainment industry, Burbank is located about 11 miles north of Los Angeles. For those traveling to California, especially the Los Angeles area, it’s probably to experience all the Hollywood attractions, such as Hollywood Blvd, and studio tours. However, Burbank is where most of the actual entertainment action happens. From studio tours to helicopters rides, there’s so much to do and see in the beautiful Burbank, California.

Warner Bros. Studio

The Warner Bros. Studio is one of the most famous landmarks in Burbank and draws thousands of visitors each year to go on a studio tour. Taking a studio tour at Warner Bros. will you behind the scenes and on the set of some of the most recent and famous productions in entertainment. You’ll also get to tour their museum of movie props, costumes and so much more. Check out the Warner Bros. Studio tour here.

Conan O’Brien Show

Are you in the mood for a good laugh? Conan O’Brien can help you out with that, especially if you choose to sit on set during a taping of his late night show! Signing up for tickets is easy, just visit his website here, pick the day you’d like to attend, and enter your information for reserve a seat.

Colony Theater

Opening their doors for production in 1975, the Colony Theater started as a small local company and developed into an award winning and nationally recognized theater for the quality of its productions. The Colony Theater has been listed as one of “25 Notable US Theater Companies” in the Encyclopedia Britannica Almanac. Book a ticket to see a performance at their website. 

Burbank Bar & Grill 

At some point, you’ll get hungry, and while you’re in Burbank, be sure to stop at their famous restaurant, Burbank Bar & Grill. Stop in for some traditional California cuisine such as their fresh Sesame Ahi Tuna, prime steaks, tasty pizza, stacked sandwiches and so much more! Check out their menu before visiting.

Inside a helicopter

Helicopter Tour

What’s the best way to view the whole town? From the sky, of course! Taking a helicopter tour provides excellent views of the entire town from a high altitude, alone with a knowledgeable helicopter pilot who will explain the history of the town, buildings and people to all flyers.


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