With spring and summer just around the corner, some of the landlocked don’t always have the opportunity to enjoy a vacation or a day at the beach. Not to mention that out west, it’s already heating up. However, if you’re looking to spend a day or a few days near a body of water, look no further than the beautiful and popular Lake Havasu located on the California/Arizona line. Lake Havasu is also known as “Arizona’s Playground” for several reasons – it’s a paradise for all things adventurous! Fortunately, Lake Havasu is also one of the most family-friendly travel destinations in Arizona, making it an ideal spot to travel solo, with friends or family. (DTN tip: if traveling with younger kids, you may want to avoid during spring break). Check out some of the best things to do while in Lake Havasu. Sightseeing When you visit Lake Havasu, you have to visit the iconic London Bridge. That’s right – the original 1837 bridge that spanned the Thames was purchased in the 1960’s by the founder of Lake Havasu City. If you stop by the Visitor’s Center on certain days, you can even sign up for a 90 minute walking tour to learn about some of the history that the bridge saw in its life overseas. Lake Havasu City - London Bridge


The main attraction at Lake Havasu is all of the fun watersports available. From wake boarding, to water skiing, scuba diving, paddle boarding, boating, fishing, kayaking, and so much more. If it can be done on the water, it’s probably offered at Lake Havasu. Enjoy spending endless hours on the water and in the warm Arizona sunshine.


Arizona is home to some of the most beautiful hiking trails in the country. Enjoy a beautiful hiking scene along with a great work out when hiking along one of the trails. Beware of the steep and rocky slopes that tend to be found on several trails near Lake Havasu. Regardless, there’s no experience quite like an Arizona hike. Check out some of Lake Havasu, Arizona’s best hiking trails.


Lake Havasu offers more than plenty locations to rent a bike for a simple ride through a quiet trail, or for experienced cyclists looking for a mountain bike adventure. Whether you’re looking for an road biking experience or a mountain biking excursion, there’s plenty of opportunities for both in Lake Havasu.


Are you hungry in Lake Havasu? You’re in luck because there are so many delicious places to grab a quick bite, or sit down for a relaxing dinner after a long day of adventuring. For a causal meal with an excellent beer selection, check out Barley Brother’s , Casa Serrano for authentic Mexican, and Martini Bay Fine Dining for a more upscale meal.


Taking a buddies trip to work on your golf swing? Check out Lake Havasu’s emerald green golf courses for a perfect day. Whether you’re playing a 9-hole or 18-hole game, there are more than enough places to get out on the green. Set your tee time at the famous London Bridge Resort, Island Golf Club, or Refuge Golf and Country Club. Have you been to Lake Havasu? Tell us about your experience in the comments below!

Quick Guide to Lake Havasu