Birmingham, Alabama is one of the hippest cities in the South. Home to a number of local colleges and universities, a vibrant nightlife, and great shopping it’s the perfect place to have a little fun and get away from it all.

For those interested in history, Birmingham is home to a number of important sites and museums dedicated to the civil rights movement as well.

There is truly something for everyone in this little Southern gem known as the “Magic City”. So let’s take a look at what you can find on your next trip to Birmingham.

Learn Some History

Vulcane Statue

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One of the must see places to visit in Birmingham to understand a bit of the history behind the civil rights movement is the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute. The institute is one of the stops along the Birmingham Civil Rights Heritage Trail.

There is plenty more to learn in this city. To gain some understanding on the history of Birmingham, which started as a iron mill town, check out the Vulcan Park and Museum or the Sloss Furnaces National Historic Landmark.

Lots of Attractions

For a smaller city, Birmingham has no shortage of interesting attractions to spend time exploring. Many of these are pretty unique, like the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum, that features an amazing collection of motor bikes or the Southern Museum of Flight.

There are also a few more “standard” sites to take in that are no less fun. Places like the Birmingham Museum of Art and the Birmingham Zoo are going to be great choices if you want a few places to visit with the kids.

Downtown Birmingham AL

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Local Food and Beer Hotspot

One of the growing trends that’s been popping up in Birmingham is a new love of local craft beer. There are a number of breweries that can attract some beer lovers like Good People Brewing Company, Avondale Brewing Company, or Trim Tab Brewing, just to name a few.

Of course, you can’t go to the South and not have some amazing barbecue. Birmingham does not disappoint, be sure to check out Saw’s BBQ, Mrs. B’s on Fourth, and Dreamland BBQ.

Getting Around

Birmingham is serviced by the Birmingham International Airport, you can also get a rental car from the airport. There is also Amtrak service as well, on the Crescent Trail that runs from New York City to New Orleans.

Once in the city, though there is a local bus service, your best bet is still going to be driving to your destinations. There is usually ample parking, with meters during the daytime hours during the week and free on weekends.

Remember the Weather

It’s also important to note the weather. Remember, Birmingham is in the deep South, so if you are planning on visiting during the summer months, be prepared for the hot and humid weather!

The good news is that if you head there in the winter, you’ll be treated with pretty mild weather, and won’t have to worry about snow.

Have you been to Birmingham, or are you from the area? Let us know some of your best tips.


Quick Guide to Birmingham