The bare trees of winter creak and the damp of the morning and crisp air of the evenings feel fresh in your lungs. But there are some parts of the camping experience you would rather skip. The root or rock in the center of your back when you lay down to sleep, the less-than-stellar food cooked on a measly camp stove and the wet socks you still wear from the hike in leave a lot to be desired. Pick and choose the parts of nature you experience with glamorous camping, a.k.a, glamping!

camping-glampin-travel-tipsGlamp 101

There’s no wrong way to glamp, just as there’s no wrong way to camp, as long as you’re comfortable and safe. For shelter, people have used A-frame tents, traditional tents, teepees, and campers. The goal: make yourself as comfortable as possible. Use a real bed, large barbecue, and cooler for meats, veggies, and eggs when you glamp. Take the comfort of your home on your serene nature adventure.


A good night sleep is the best part of glamping. Don’t wake as though you’d never slept at all. Glampers in the past have used full, elevated beds with faux sheep skin, or other such comfort items. A variety of comfy pillows can also make you feel at home. Lay carpets on the ground around your tent, and even institute a ‘no shoe’ zone, so you don’t dirty the sleeping area.

Save the Adventure for the Adventure

The adventure of glamping is the luxurious part. The question is: how much luxury can you have in nature? Haul in and set up is a lot of work for a dedicated glamp session. The supplies and materials are many, and will require a large car, truck, or van. However, you don’t want the hardship to start before you begin the setup.

Don’t let car trouble get in the way of your fun. Before you leave, get a routine tuneup. Check your tires for wear, as worn tires can develop slow leaks resulting in flats. You can check your tire tread with a penny or a quarter. If your tread has worn thin, replace with durable name-brand tires. Check to make sure your spare is reliable as well.

Lights & Cooking

Lights set a tone and create an atmosphere. Candles on a calm night flicker off the trees or the water of a lake or slow river. Lanterns lend light to prepare your meal. Many glampers use large camp stoves like the Biolite Basecamp which is a contained stove, with a grill on top. This is a luxurious item that gets you around certain camp fire rules, as the fire is contained, not to mention the grill has enough room for eight burgers at a time. The Basecamp, like all Biolite stoves, runs purely on wood. A fan aids in the oxygenation of the fire for increased combustion–and the extra energy the fire creates is picked up by a heat probe that charges a battery equipped with USB ports. Plug your tablets and smartphones in while you cook dinner, so you’re connected, even while in the great outdoors.