Whether it’s always been your dream to travel the world or you see a profitable job opportunity abroad there are certain things about a traveling career that don’t quite hit you until you’re on the plane or on the road. Traveling can be fun and provide with experiences unlike those of anyone you know but doing it for a living is not for everyone. Here are some pros and cons of heavy traveling careers that should be considered before you set on that path.


1. Job Security
Jobs that require frequent travel are always in demand. Flying airplanes, hauling freight, and keeping up foreign relations are jobs that must be done for a better world and consequently if you do your job well you seldom have to worry about being let go.

2. New Places, New People, New Stories
Having a job that enables you to travel provides you with new faces and sights to take in every day. If you are outgoing and always looking to experience different cultures, see the world, or explore the unknown a traveling career is definitely something you will flourish in. A big part of coping with work on the road is the ability to make the most of what is around you at the present.

3. Knowing You’re Making a Difference in the World
The self-fulfillment of doing a job that truly makes others live better because of you is truly a great feeling. This feeling is what keeps you motivated and helps you press on even through the bad days. Whether it’s making money to feed your loved ones, making peace in a foreign country, or delivering a container of goods to place in need you can always take pride in the fact that your hard work is helping others. This is not to say every traveling job will provide you with the same fulfillment but few professions are as essential to keeping the world spinning as pilots, truck drivers, traveling doctors, or civil servants.


1. Constantly Adapting Your Schedule
Things rarely go as planned when you’re at the mercy of the traveling conditions of the world. You have to be able to constantly adjust to mishaps out of your control such as a late flight, traffic accident, late meetings, waiting for messages from headquarters, etc. If you are flexible and resourceful on the go this won’t be so tough. If you prefer everything to go as planned and carried out as such you may want to reconsider.

2. Being Away From Home
Careers in foreign relations, commercial transport, or commercial travel take you to many different places, except home. If you tend to get homesick or are uncomfortable being away from family and friends for a week or so at a time, traveling work may not be for you.

3. Unknown Environments
As referenced in #1 you never know when plans will fall through. More than that, you are constantly going to unfamiliar places, meeting new people, and practicing new skills. If socially you are a little anxious or like working in familiar places you may have to start breaking out of your shell to adapt to life on the go.

Mark Kinsel is the President of Driver Solutions and for the past 19 years has passionately shared his knowledge and experience to help young truckers find their way. He enjoys writing, fishing, and helping drivers find the best truck driving jobs out there.