One of the great benefits of being able to drive all around the United States is experiencing different destinations, sights and seasons. Hop in the car, start driving, and in only a few hours you’ll start to notice changes in scenery and surroundings, pretty cool!

Those who aren’t from traditional snowy and cold climates might think driving your car in the winter is as simple as hopping in the car and driving. Not true!

While driving through New England in the dead of winter might seem a bit scary to a Floridian, there are actually a few steps you can take to make sure your car is ready to go for those winter road trips.

Don’t set yourself up for disaster and follow some of these tips to get your car ready to handle any winter climate you want to attack this year.

Consider Snow Tires

Snow tires are an added expense, but well worth it, especially if you are going to be spending a long time driving in heavy snow and ice climates. Snow tires won’t solve all your problems, but they can certainly help making your car more maneuverable and safer in winter. If you can’t afford tires, here’s a secret tip, grab a cinder block or two and put them in your trunk for extra weight, which helps in icy and snowy conditions. You could also keep a bag of kitty litter in your car, which can give your tires traction on slippery ice.

Check Your Fluids

You would be shocked to find out how much windshield wiper and antifreeze fluid a car will go through in a northern climate! The good news is, these things are easy to keep an eye on and top off. Head to your local gas station or hardware store and pick up a bottle of each to keep in the trunk, problem solved.

Winter Drive

Scrapers are Your Friends

Always keep a snow brush and ice scraper in your car as well. Even when it doesn’t snow, don’t be surprised to leave your hotel or home to find your car covered in a fine sheet of ice! A scraper is a perfect tool to remove any snow or ice off the car before you head out on the road.

Pack an Emergency Kit

These are pretty easy to buy in most hardware stores, but you can make your own kit pretty easily as well. Simply grab a small bag and toss it in the trunk with some flares, flashlight, jumper cables, blanket, water bottle and snack. Chances are, you are never going to need anything in the kit, but an extra piece of mind never hurt, right?

Once you take a bit of time to prepare your car for winter, you’re going to find yourself much more comfortable taking those long term road trips to snowy climates. After all, winter across the northern states is just too fun and pretty to miss!