For travel writers, each place we discover holds a special place in our hearts. But this month, in honor of Thanksgiving, we’re sharing the places we’re most thankful to have visited. Whether they hold special memories, taught us important lessons, or simply left a lasting impression, we can’t help but feel blessed to have visited them.

Kim Devitt

Governor's Palace

Via Wikimedia Commons

The place I’m most thankful to have visited is Colonial Williamsburg. I always have an enjoyable time experiencing and exploring all that the 18th-century Revolutionary City has to offer!

Jay Dalles

Longwood Gardens


Places in the USA I’m most thankful to have visited:

  • Longwood Gardens – beauty and serenity
  • Carmel, CA – charm and ocean views
  • Washington, DC – history and joy in being an American
  • Pittsburgh, PA – my hometown and favorite city
  • Oak Island, NC – the beaches
  • Oak Park, IL – Frank Lloyd Wright architecture

Dana Damato

Washington D.C.

I’m most thankful that I’ve visited Washington D.C. I choose Washington D.C., because being in our nation’s capital and seeing the foundation where America was built was an experience I’ll respect and remember for the rest of my life.

Anne Sandoval

Oak Island, NC Lighthouse at Sunset

By Anne Sandoval

For 22 years, I was blessed to join my extended family each summer at Oak Island, NC, where we rented a beach house. In addition to being a wonderful setting for family reunions, this place influenced my love of the ocean and conservation. From seeing sea turtles lay eggs and hatch, to hunting for the perfect sea shells, long walks on the beach and visits to nearby Southport and Wilmington, Oak Island is a perfect destination for a quiet family beach vacation. I’m also grateful for the 9 national parks I’ve visited in 2014!

Amber Wojcek

Grand Canyon

Via John Fowler from Placitas, NM, USA, Wikimedia Commons

The place I’m most thankful to have experienced is the Grand Canyon. Pictures really can’t come close to showing just how magnificent and enormous it is. I would love to go back to see it from the skywalk, but riding mules deep into the canyon and being able to see the Colorado River will always be an incredible memory for me.

Kim Windyka

New Orleans French Quarter

I’m most thankful to have visited New Orleans, because the atmosphere was so unique and inspiring!

Liz Froment

Aspen, Colorado Ski Lift


The place I’m most thankful to have visited in the US is Aspen, Colorado. I went purely on a whim after I had been holed up in the house for over two months recovering from tearing my Achilles. As soon as I could I wanted to get outside and enjoy some nature. Aspen did not disappoint! I spent five days there, wandering the trendy down town, taking long walks on snow dappled pathways, and simply breathing in the natural beauty of the place. It proved to be the perfect spot to spend time in and I cannot wait to go back.