Whether you celebrate the holiday or not, chances are you’ve watched a Christmas movie in your lifetime. Even if you try, these movies are extremely difficult to avoid; even more so if you are the parent, Aunt, Uncle or babysitter to a little one. We did a quick poll to see what Christmas movies the Drive the Nation crew liked the most and these 5 were the most popular.

A Christmas Story – Well, obviously! This is the Christmas movie of all Christmas movies. Who does love the classic story about a little boy who is determined to get a Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas? This is the kind of movie that is so hilariously entertaining that you may catch yourself watching it even when it isn’t Christmas time. Not that we’d know anything about that though…

A Charlie Brown Christmas – It’s hard to find an adult that hasn’t seen this movie at least once. After all, it’s a classic! It’s so easy to feel bad for that poor Charlie Brown but there’s something about this movie that puts us in a great spirit. Don’t worry good ole’ Charlie Brown, we love you!

Miracle on 34th Street – If you’re anti-holidays, this may be the one movie that you absolutely need to watch. Nothing screams magic like the real Kris Kringle convincing a headstrong little girl to believe in Santa Claus. You may or may not (probably will) cry while watching this movie.

Home Alone – There’s a rule for fans of this movie; if you ever catch it on TV, you must watch it. Kids from the 90’s adore this movie and so do their parents and grandparents. What’s not to love? A kid getting left by his family during the holidays and having to defend his home from intruders is quite the comedy in our book.

A Christmas Carol – The movie that made the phrase “Bah Humbug” popular is still a fan-favorite among Christmas movie fans. We love how this movie focuses on the traditional aspects of Christmas.

Do you have any Christmas movies that you just have to watch each year?