We’re still not sure why there isn’t a catchy rhyme for milkshakes. We “scream” for “ice cream,” so maybe we can “quake” for “milkshakes”? The sippable sibling of everyone’s favorite frozen treat is definitely making a big name for itself on the NYC streets, and we have the scoop on some of the best over-the-top options that’ll bring all of the boys to your yard (if you’re lucky enough to have one in such a crowded city).

Black Tap Craft Burgers and Beer

Via Jean Claire G. on Yelp!

Via Jean Claire G. on Yelp!

The INSANE $15 shakes from Black Tap have people literally lining up in the streets. All you need to do is look at the restaurant’s Instagram account to see why. With a rotating cast of funky, fun, and completely indulgent flavors laden with tons of treats–including Sweet ’N’ Salty (with pretzel rods, Sugar Daddy’s, M&M, and peanut butter cups), Cotton Candy (with rock candy, cotton candy, and lollipops), and  Sour Power (with Sour Power Belts, sour Nerds, and a Pixy Stix)–you should probably follow up with a visit to your dentist.

Momofuku Milk Bar

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Founded by Cristina Tosi, Milk Bar has a variety of delicious shakes for you to enjoy (in addition to scrumptious pastries, cookies, and other snacks). Try the cereal milk shake, which tastes exactly like it sounds. Or the cinnamon sugar pretzel shake, with its perfect combination of sweet and salty. Even better: certain flavors are available with the addition of booze. We recommend the boozy-shake version of the hot spot’s renowned Crack Pie.

Big Gay Ice Cream

SHAKE OF THE WEEK: Ginger curry. All locations. PUT IT IN YOUR MOUTH. @the_ginger_people #thefattening

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What started out as a seasonal ice cream truck morphed into a brick-and-mortar phenomenon, and New York City dwellers could not be happier. While the cones like the Salty Pimp and the Bea Arthur have devoted followings, you’d be remiss not to try the equally fabulous milkshakes Big Gay Ice Cream has to offer. Flavors include Tang-Creamsicle, Horchata, and the sweet and spicy Ginger-Curry.

Butter and Scotch

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Brooklyn’s Butter and Scotch bills itself as the “Bar and Bakery of Your Dreams.” And if you dream about pairings like a vodka martini and a hot fudge sundae, or a glass of champagne and a slice of birthday cake, you might be inclined to agree. The menu is full of tempting treats (including vegan options) and cocktails, but the boozy shakes (also available sans alcohol) are a big draw for those on the other side of the bridge. The Duderino is a take on a White Russian; the Pretty in Pink float has Aperol, rosé, and strawberry ice cream; and the Nameshake combines scotch with butterscotch caramel and vanilla ice cream–all with a cherry on top.

Big Daddy’s

Walking into Big Daddy’s can be a little overwhelming since there is so much to take in. But the “neon beacon” near the city’s Union Square is worth the visual stimulation. Its take on diner favorites will fill the comfort-food-shaped hole in your stomach–just make sure to leave room for dessert, since you won’t want to miss the Bacon Milky Way, a chocolate shake with salted caramel and crispy bacon, the Incredible Edible Pancake Shake with Vermont maple syrup and vanilla ice cream, or one of the establishment’s other shake flavors.