Ahhh yes, I’ve had my share of road trips. Be it two-hour trips to the beach on a summer weekend or a 21-hour bus ride up the East Coast. I feel pretty confident in assuming that when it comes to road trippin’ essentials, I know what I’m doing. I can pack a trunk like it’s nobody’s business and I know how to map a trip well enough to optimize gas usage. And let’s face it, these things matter when it’s time to hit the road. There’s one topic of road tripping that many people seem to forget about and it’s how to DRESS while driving and traveling. Of course, I say go with your gut. If you think you’re going to be just fine in those jeans that USED to fit comfortably, then, HEY – who am I to stop you? But if you’re looking for advice on what not to wear while road tripping, I’ve got you covered.

Items not to wear on a road trip


Driving from Northern California to Southern California and CAN’T wait to hit the beaches? I don’t blame you. But traveling in your swimsuit for a good 10 hours may be anything but comfortable; especially if you’re a woman. If you’re anxious and want to keep that swimsuit nearby, dress comfortably and just back your trunks or swimsuit in a small travel bag. That way it’s nearby and you won’t have to rummage through your main luggage to get it. Not to mention, bathroom breaks will be 10 times easier when one ISN’T wearing a swimsuit.


I get it, pajamas are crazy comfortable. I may or may not refuse to get out of mine on lazy Saturday mornings. Even if you think you’ll only be making short trips to rest stops in between travel destinations, you never know what major stops you have to take. Something tells me you’d be a heck of a lot more confident walking around if you weren’t in your pajamas; no matter how comfortable they are.


I have always been faithful to jeans and will always have a few pair. But let me tell you something, if total comfort is on your agenda while taking a road trip, you may want to think twice about wearing jeans. I find that jeans aren’t so bad when road trips are a good three-four hours. But after that four hour mark, strange things start happening and jeans become downright uncomfortable. It makes complete sense as the fabric isn’t exactly the moveable type. Do yourself a favor and pack the jeans in your suitcase if you plan on taking a loooooong road trip.


Girls, I hear you. You love your heels and you simply can’t settle for flats under any circumstances. I get it. Of course you can kick those heels off while in transit but trekking around with them on in new territory may be challenging. I have plenty of horror stories to tell about my girlfriends wearing heels and tripping over rocks at gas stations or rest stops. Oh yes, it happens. Your best bet is to keep the heels in your luggage until you safely arrive to your destination. Oh! And your feet will thank you.

New clothes

Scooped up these killer shorts and polo shirt and just itching to wear them on the road? I’d save them until you get to your destination. New clothes, as comfortable as they may look, are often stiff and aren’t as moveable as those comfy shorts you’ve had for years.

What do you think? Agree or disagree with our list of items you may not want to wear on long road trips? What are some of your favorite comfortable pieces?