If you want to get some real road trip street cred, Nevada’s Death Drive might be the perfect place to start.

Don’t worry, there’s nothing dangerous about this trip. You won’t get stuck in the middle of the desert all by your lonesome either. In fact, there are plenty of things to do on this road trip. 

So, if you’re interested in adding a new adventure to your bucket list, you don’t want to miss out on this one. Here, we’re going to highlight what you need to know about Nevada’s Death Drive.

Sites to See

What’s very cool about this road trip is it’s a loop. The 350-mile drive takes you from Las Vegas out toward the California border and back again. Along the way, you’ll encounter some really cool things to see and do.

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

red rock formations in Death Valley, Nevada

Not far outside of Vegas you’ll find Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. This is a hidden gem in Nevada and you won’t want to miss it. You can drive through the park and pull off the small road to take pictures of the incredible red rocks. Or, if you have time go for a hike for a few hours (your best bet is to do it in the morning).

Explore Pahrump

Once you get to Pahrump, about 2 hours from downtown Las Vegas, stretch your legs and explore. This town is known for a famous biker bar called Mountain Springs Saloon. If you want something a bit tamer, there are a couple of booming wineries in the area to check out too, including Pahrump Valley Winery.

Death Valley National Park

From Pahrump, it’s only another hour to Death Valley National Park. Don’t let the name fool you, there’s beautiful vistas, plants, and wildlife here for you to enjoy. Most visitors will want to check out the Artist’s Palette Overlook, which gives a majestic view of the park. 

The Road Back

On the way back, a lot of people love to stop at Rhyolite, which is a ghost town. It started as a mining camp in 1905 and by 1920 was basically abandoned, so there are a few ruins to check out. Along route 95 about 50 miles or so north of Las Vegas you’ll find Creech Air Force Base. While there are no activities for visitors here, what many do is pull over to the side of the road and keep their eyes peeled for planes and drones flying overhead.

Getting There

Death Valley drive in Nevada

The easiest place to start this road trip is in Las Vegas. From there, head west on Route 159. That will intersect with Route 160 toward Pahrump. Stay going Northwest once you hit the intersection with Route 95 that will bring you to Beatty. Once you get to Beatty, you can follow Route 95 back all the way to Las Vegas. Or, you can take a small detour West on Route 374 into Death Valley National Park. Just follow the same route back on 95 to Sin City.